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2-12: The Ultimate Summit

The very first Smash Ultimate Summit is happening this weekend! AV and Peon discuss the history of Summit, their expectations for the event, and what it means for comp...

2-11: The Pursuit of Happiness

This week, Peon flies solo, questioning whether or not it's healthy to look for fulfillment outside of traditional day to day life. In this fireside chat, we learn abo...

2-10: Fundamentals

AV and Peon host a crash course on the mystical concept of fundamentals to give you a clear path on what they are and how to improve them.

2-9: Ego Trip

Is ego affecting your ability to improve at Smash? AV and Peon get to the bottom of how an unchecked ego can hinder growth in all areas of the Smash community.

2-8: Genesis Stories and Ultimate 2.0

This week, AV and Peon retell their Genesis stories, discuss about what they took away from the experience, and break down what the recent patch means for you as a pla...

2-7: The Unbreakable Mind ft. Sports Psychologist Steve

This week we are joined by Sports Psychologist Steve, an industry professional known for his ability to connect his foundations in applied psychology with his gaming d...

2-6: Progress Check

AV and Peon take a step back to acknowledge their progress as Ultimate competitors, wrangling with their biggest roadblocks to improving before Genesis 6.

2-5: Character Crisis

This week, AV becomes Peon's psychiatrist, talking him through his character crisis. Through this journey, they provide the framework for choosing a main and what shou...

2-B1: The Crossover Episode ft. The Smash Bros. Cast

What's this, a crossover episode? Enjoy our rebroadcast of our appearance on the Smash Bros. Cast where we talk with N64Josh and NightCrawlr about jumping into the com...

2-4: Elite Smash and You

Does Elite Smash or GSP matter? AV and Peon explore this topic in this week's episode to figure out the things we can take away from this controversial Smash Ultimate ...

2-3: The Comfort Zone

This week, AV and Peon explore their personal comfort zones to learn about their origins, how to break out of them, and how to apply these strategies as a person and p...

2-2: Facing the Community ft. CONEY

AV and Peon are joined by community mainstay CONEY! In this episode, we explore the historical development of the scene, what it takes to succeed at any iteration of S...

2-1: First Steps

In the first episode of Season 2, AV and Peon dive into their experiences with the game so far, impressions of characters/mechanics, and ultimately what the best pract...

1-15: Ultimate Launch Spectacular

In the final episode of Season 1, AV and Peon celebrate the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

1-14: Handwarmers ft. Dr. Cait McGee

This week, we are joined by Dr. Caitlin McGee, notable esports physical therapist. In this episode, AV and Peon try to keep up as she brings her extensive knowledge/ex...

1-13: Appreciation

For the show's Thanksgiving Special, AV and Peon talk about why it's important to be thankful and what they appreciate about different parts of the Super Smash Brother...

1-12: Preparation

Are you ready to take on any challenge? This week, AV and Peon talk about preparation, discussing the ins and outs of tackling bracket demons, matchups, and tournament...

1-11: Living the Game ft. Max Ketchum

This week, AV and Peon are joined by Max Ketchum, notable community figurehead, caster, competitor, and event organizer. In this episode, we showcase Max's evident dev...

1-10: Direct Breakdown

In their 10th episode special, AV and Peon spend an evening discussing the contents of the recent Nintendo Direct and the effects that it will have on you as a casual ...

1-9: The Warrior's Path ft. SSBProTips

AV and Peon are joined by community veteran and content creator SSBProTips. In this episode, we learn about defining the path to greatness, how to walk it, and where w...

1-8: The Ultimate Speculation

AV and Peon put their thinking caps on to speculate about the changes that the upcoming Smash game will bring for you as a competitor, inside and outside the game.

1-7: Lose Yourself

What's so great about losing? AV and Peon talk about defeat, analyzing how to learn and grow from our lows to reach even higher highs.

1-6: Social Commentary ft. GPik

AV and Peon are joined by GPik, a commentator known for his work in Smash 4 and Rivals of Aether. This week, we break down what it means to be a good commentator, anal...

1-5: Identity Crisis

To what level does our personality cross over into our playstyle in game? AV and Peon uncover the key elements to analyzing the boundary between player and character.

1-4: No Tech Zone

How much should we practice on our own? How useful are advanced techniques? AV and Peon break down how to maximize your time to see results.

1-3: Learning to Learn ft. Jtails

AV and Peon are joined by Jtails, expert smash competitor and teacher, who goes into depth on how to explore a new smash game.

1-2: Burnout

AV and Peon discuss the concept of burnout in competitive smash. What is it, what causes it, and how can we prevent it?

1-1: Why We Smash

Hosts Abhi Vaidyanatha (AV) and Dane Hartog (Peon) discuss the very basics in their pilot episode. Why do we play Super Smash Brothers?

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